MTG Bulk buy conditions

Trading in and selling Magic Cards

We buy Magic singles! The rates below should give you a general idea of what to expect, but please note that in stock quantity may have a positive or negative impact on these prices.

General MTG Trade Rates

Generally higher dollar cards are purchased for higher rates. We use a company called BinderPos that continuously adjusts our card pricing and buy price to give you the best prices available. BinderPos is responsible for providing this service to many stores world wide. No more outdated buy lists – just an accurate rate based on the current market. Cash vs Store credit prices are different, you will receive more store credit than cash but you "must" select credit or cash prices option before submitting your buylist, We do not have the option to change your choice after Buylist has been submitted.

Bulk Rates

We price our bulk MTG purchases using "Card Kingdom" & "STG" as a reference point. Selling bulk to us instore will save you a lot of Cash/Credit compared to posting which can be very expensive due to weight. Majority cards NM condition preferred but we will except other condition cards but it will affect the pricing.

  • Bulk NM commons & uncommons, unsorted, facing same direction = $3 / 1000
  • Bulk Rares / mythics, unsorted = $.10 per card
  • Bulk NM foils including all rarities, unsorted = $0.05 per card
  • Bulk sorted into sets and in alphabetical order will receive a small bonus determined upon inspection.
  • We will estimate the quantity upon inspection mostly based on measurements. 

For bulk quantities greater than 20,000 please call/message ahead to schedule an appointment.

We reserve the right to refuse any trade, at any time, for any reason. To trade in cards you must be 18 or older, possess a valid government issued ID, own all cards traded in, and provide Lots Moore with a phone number, email, signature and address at which you may be contacted if necessary.

    You will need to contact Lots Moore before sending your MTG for approval of the sale. Cards are to be delivered to Lots Moore Tamworth store. You will need to fill out a form with your details and how you wish to be paid after they are processed which may take up to 3 working days.


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