Blue Transparent PLA filament (1kg) PLATB

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    Our Transparent PLA filament is by far the highest quality PLA material in the FDM 3D printing market, and there’s a good reason for that. It comes in many shades and styles, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re looking for vibrant colours or unique blends, PLA filament is an easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing material.

    PLA (PolyLactic Acid) is a biodegradable plastic, made using cornstarch or sugarcane. It is a renewable
    raw material which is much more ecologically friendly and safer than ABS plastics. PLA plastics are
    more flexible as it does not require as high temperatures to manipulate the material; therefore a
    heated bed is not required (compared to ABS).

    * Designed to fit with a wide variety of 3D printers.
    * Transparent, smooth and glossy looks for aesthetically pleasing printouts
    * High-quality materials for consistent thickness to ensure printing accuracy.
    * Less energy needed to print a model
    * Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) compliant – no hazardous substances such as mercury and cadmium are used.
    * Odourless bio-friendly and nontoxic plant-based materials

    PLA plastic or polylactic acid is a vegetable-based plastic material, which commonly uses cornstarch as a raw material. This material is a thermoplastic aliphatic polyester and it is the primary natural raw material used in 3D printing. PLA is a fully biodegradable thermoplastic polymer consisting of renewable raw materials.

    Among all 3D printing materials, PLA is one of the most popular materials used for additive manufacturing.

    Spool Net Weight:1kg
    Diameter:1.75mm ± 0.05mm
    Print Temperature:190 – 220°C
    Hot Bed Temperature:0 – 50°C
    Print Speed:50 – 110mm/s

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