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    We are currently limited to smaller resin prints such as characters.

    Bring your RPG character to life by having us 3D print it for you! Prices start from just $18.00 for most 28mm D&D style figures printed in resin. We can also design your character from just $5.00
    We can also design custom dice, print masters, create silicone molds , print custom upgrades such as personalised space marine sholder pads :) and cast resin Items.
    You can build you own customised miniature and buy the stl file from,
    My favourate Desk top hero 3d for as low as $0.00, we have the assets, we can design starting @ $5.00
    Eldritch foundry prIce starting @ $2.50 USD
    Hero forge from $12.95
    1000s of free 3D designs available from,

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