Flames of War Double-Width Artillery Template: Imperial

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    The ancient science of artillery reached its destructive pinnacle in the bloody stalemate of the First World War. There the armies of Europe learned the art of massed artillery fire to smash enemy defences and cut them off from their reserves. Their technique was slow and methodical, but extremely deadly.

    Artillery weapons are the big guns of the army. Most troops must be able to see their enemy to shoot. Artillery allows you to quickly concentrate a lot of firepower anywhere on the battlefield, way beyond the range of normal weapons. This is particularly useful for taking out troublesome machine-guns and anti-tank guns.

    Bombardments saturate the target area with high-explosive shells rather than hitting one specific target, making it especially useful against densely-packed enemy formations as all of them are hit at the same time. Being on the receiving end of a bombardment is terrifying. Shells exploding everywhere tends to keep soldiers’ heads down. This makes an artillery bombardment the ideal precursor to an all-out assault on the enemy position.



    • one Transparent Green Plastic Artillery Template (12" x 6").


    - $13.00

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